The Many Benefits of Laser Dentistry

The Many Benefits of Laser Dentistry

If you have dental phobia or feel anxious about going to the dentist, laser dentistry might be your answer. It treats a number of dental conditions with less pain and gives you successful results.

At K Street Dental & Orthodontic Group in Gaithersburg, Maryland, and Washington, DC, our dental team provides laser dentistry as one of our many cosmetic procedure options, and we also use it to perform restorations.

How laser dentistry works

If you’re uncomfortable with the use of a drill during dental procedures, we understand. That’s one reason why we use dental laser treatments — to help lessen or eliminate your dental anxiety.

To perform dental and surgical procedures, we use lasers that deliver energy through light. They can cut through hard tissues and vaporize soft tissues in your mouth, causing minimal discomfort when compared to other traditional treatments. 

We can also use them to accelerate the process of teeth whitening. 

During your consultation with our team, we talk to you about the many dental procedures we perform with laser dentistry and determine if it’s right for you.

Conditions laser dentistry can treat

Laser dentistry has many uses. This cutting-edge treatment:

Removes tooth decay

Rather than using a drill, we use a laser that emits a narrow beam of light energy to the targeted area. It removes the decay in your tooth and prepares it for your filling. It can also repair damaged or worn-down fillings.

Treats gum disease

The lasers can remove bacteria from your tissues during a root canal procedure and also reshape your gums.

Performs biopsy and lesion removal

Laser dentistry allows us to remove a small sample of tissue for examination, remove lesions in your mouth, and reduce or eliminate the pain of canker sores. 

Activates the teeth whitening process

When we perform professional teeth whitening, we use a laser to expedite the process. The laser energy activates the bleaching solution on your teeth, which makes your teeth brighter faster.

Dental laser treatments can also remove surrounding tissue from an emerged wisdom tooth, prepare a tooth for composite bonding, and even remove muscle attachments that impede your lip or tongue movement.

Benefits of laser dentistry

Laser dentistry has several advantages. We can use lasers to:

When you visit our practice for a consultation, we evaluate your oral health to determine if laser dentistry might be right for you. If so, you can look forward to experiencing its many benefits.

Whether you need a tooth restoration or a cosmetic enhancement, contact our team about laser dentistry as an option today.

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