How To Keep Your Dentures in Tiptop Shape

How To Keep Your Dentures in Tiptop Shape

At K Street Dental & Orthodontic Group, you can count on our dental team to offer you a superior product and the highest level of care when it comes to dentures. Not only do we provide several all-in-one options for you, but we use the most advanced materials to create comfort-fitting dentures that look natural.

We want you to enjoy your dentures, and we also want them to last a long time. That’s why we provide the following tips on how to care for your dentures, whether you have removable or fixed implant-supported dentures. 

To help maintain their durability, function, and appearance, follow these guidelines:

Clean your dentures

If you have removable dentures, take them out after each meal and rinse off loose food particles with water. You can also wet your toothbrush and use a denture cleaner to clean them. And clean your dentures first thing in the morning and when you take them out at night. 

If you have fixed implant-supported dentures, brush them as you would brush your natural teeth. You want to avoid plaque buildup that can sit at the base of your teeth, which can lead to gum disease.

Handle with care

Your dentures are fragile. When handling your removable dentures, have a soft surface in front of you like a towel. That way, if you drop them, they can land on a soft surface and avoid damage.

For fixed implant-supported dentures, don’t attempt to chew hard foods like candy or ice, and avoid biting down on pencils or pens or ripping packages open with your artificial teeth.

Keep your dentures moist

Dentures are porous, which makes them pliable to fit your mouth comfortably. But if the pores dry out, they harden and become brittle, which can lead to severe discomfort. They may also break.

Soak your removable dentures in our recommended care solution when you’re not wearing them. As a key reminder, don’t ever place your dentures in boiling water. It could cause them to warp.

For your fixed dentures, your natural saliva keeps your dentures moist, and you can use mouthwash, too.

Get professional cleanings

We want to help keep your dentures at their peak performance. Schedule your routine cleanings at our office every six months so we can look at your dentures or implants and restorations attached to them. 

We can address any issues at your appointment and make sure you don’t have any signs of gum disease.

To learn more about how to take care of your dentures, give our friendly office staff in Washington, DC, a call today.

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