5 Reasons You Should Consider Veneers

If genetics or dark beverages like coffee, tea, soda, or red wine have left your teeth yellowish, brown, or gray, you’re likely not too proud of your smile. Perhaps you skipped the braces as a teenager, and you still have crooked teeth or an unsightly gap between them. 

You can change your facial appearance. Veneers cover a “multitude of sins” when it comes to your teeth. Dr. Leslie Carillo, with K Street Dental & Orthodontic Group, can give you a new smile that’s picture-perfect. The following are five great reasons to consider veneers.  

1. Discoloration is gone  

Dental veneers eliminate discolored teeth. Dr. Carillo skims off the top layer of the teeth and affixes white, bright, beautiful veneers, so you have a brand new smile. If you only have one or two discolored teeth, she can match the veneers to the surrounding teeth. You won’t be able to tell the difference between the veneers and your other teeth. 

2. Change crooked or misshapen teeth to straight, even teeth

If you’re embarrassed about crooked, misshapen teeth, too short or too long teeth, or a gap between teeth, veneers can fix those problems. They can change the size and shape of your teeth. You’ll be proud of a smile that features rows of straight, even teeth.   

3. Addressing dental problems

If you have a cracked or damaged tooth, Dr. Carillo may use a veneer to fix it. A veneer is a less invasive and less costly procedure for a cracked tooth than a crown. Not all cracked teeth can be altered with a veneer, but Dr. Carillo may offer it as an option. 

4. Strengthen your teeth

Veneers are more than just a cosmetic improvement. The porcelain or resin shells of the veneers act to strengthen your existing teeth. 

No-prep veneers such as Lumineers® last about 5 to 7 years. Traditional veneers, which require more prep and take off a bit more of the tooth under the enamel, last between 10 and 15 years, but some patients’ veneers have lasted up to 20 years.

5. Increase your confidence

Once your new veneers are in, your self-confidence is likely to skyrocket. You’ll have the megawatt movie-star grin you've always dreamed of. 

Once you’ve decided to get veneers, at the appointment for the procedure, Dr. Carillo uses new 3D technology to take images of the teeth that will receive the veneers. While the veneers are being made right in the office, she removes a very thin enamel layer and prepares the tooth to take the veneer. When the veneers are ready, she uses a special adhesive to bond the veneer to your tooth. 

To see if veneers would be a good solution for you, call or book an appointment online with K Street Dental & Orthodontic Group today. Dr. Carillo looks forward to being your dental health partner.

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