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You shouldn’t have to wait for weeks to have dental restorations such as crowns and bridges produced in a laboratory. At K Street Dental & Orthodontic Group in Washington, D.C., there’s no waiting. The team uses CEREC® technology to create beautiful, custom-made restorations practically on the spot. So why wait to come in and see for yourself? Call K Street Dental & Orthodontic Group or book an appointment online today.


What is CEREC? 

CEREC® is the acronym for an exciting new technology that’s taking the world of dentistry by storm: Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, or CEramic REConstruction. 

CEREC uses computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing technology to cut down the time it takes to produce dental restorations. It also improves the precision involved in the process. 

It works by using a computer to take impressions of your teeth and gums quickly to generate a precisely fitted filling, crown, bridge, or other restoration in a timely manner. It’s an amazing cutting-edge tool that the entire team at K Street Dental & Orthodontic Group endorses wholeheartedly. 

How is CEREC used? 

Normally, if you need a crown or bridge, you come in for several visits. You first need to come in to have impressions of your teeth taken. Then the impressions are sent to an outside lab, where your restoration is made. After a week or two, you return to the office and have your restoration placed. 

With CEREC technology, you come in and your dentist creates your permanent restoration right in front of you in the office. You don’t have to wait for weeks to improve your smile. It happens almost instantly. 

The team uses digital impressions to make a mold for your restoration. This process with CEREC is more comfortable and accurate than traditional impressions made with plaster.

What are the benefits of CEREC technology? 

CEREC makes the process of getting dental restorations faster and more comfortable. There’s no waiting around for weeks on end, which saves you time. 

Restorations produced with CEREC technology are also more durable and longer lasting. CEREC devices mold restorations out of a single block of solid ceramic materials. Traditionally, they’re made of pressed ceramic and metal. CEREC restorations are better equipped to withstand chewing and have a longer lifespan than traditionally crafted restorations.  

The color of CEREC ceramic more closely resembles the shade of your natural teeth. This makes your restoration less noticeable and delivers excellent cosmetic results. 

To see for yourself the magic of CEREC-made restorations, call the office today or schedule a consultation online.