How CEREC Makes a Difference

How CEREC Makes a Difference

In the past, the standard procedure for getting a crown, bridge, or other dental restorations required several visits. But the advanced technology of CEREC has changed that. It’s now one of the most preferred methods of treatment for restorations compared to traditional procedures.

Our team at K Street Dental & Orthodontic Group uses CEREC at our locations in Gaithersburg, Maryland, and Washington, DC, delivering the highest level of quality care for your oral health. 

If your teeth need repair, restoration, or protection, you can greatly benefit from this same-day procedure. It saves you time and offers you the most natural look possible.

Why CEREC might be right for you

CEREC technology offers tooth restoration in the form of:

When you come in for an evaluation, we can determine what type of restoration you need. CEREC can also fabricate other orthodontic appliances.

The restorations are anti-abrasive, plaque-resistant, and compatible with the tissues in your mouth.

How CEREC works

We begin your procedure by numbing the area we’re treating with a local anesthetic so you don’t feel any pain while we prepare your tooth.

We then have you open your mouth so we can take digital pictures of each tooth that needs repair. The technology of CEREC creates a model of your tooth and sends the images to a machine that mills a 3D ceramic tooth in about 15 minutes. We keep you comfortable while your tooth restoration is made.

When your customized crown creation is complete, we polish it and place it in your mouth over your original tooth. Once we have a secure fit, we bond it to your natural tooth, making it permanent.

The benefits of CEREC

Many dentists and dental patients are turning their attention to CEREC for its numerous benefits, because it:

Your crown bonds securely to your natural tooth, allowing full restoration of your bite and smile. CEREC can also restore the way your teeth look, giving you the confidence to show off your beautiful smile.

If you want to find out if you’re a candidate for CEREC restoration, contact our team for a consultation and evaluation today.

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